For the LOVE of PAPER!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Explosion Boxes

Merry after Christmas everyone!!! Christmas was great for me and my family! Right after Thanksgiving, I decided to make an explosion box for every member of my family that was going to be at my house on Christmas day for dinner. That was a total of 11 boxes in three weeks! A very ambitious project considering I also work full time and had other things going on with my son's school and other Christmas get together's. I was able to finish 10 of the boxes (my hubby didn't get one but, he did get a personalized calendar so, he was happy). So, I am going to start posting some pics of each one. The outside's weren't anything very special because I simply didn't have time to do more than the inside. I was happy with them though!

Here is the mom's box. I didn't use any Cricut cuts on hers but, I did use a lot of these vintage cut outs from Making Memories


  1. awesome job on this....i love it. great job!!

  2. OH, I love all of your boxes! I so want to learn how to do this! What a great job!