For the LOVE of PAPER!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feeling Like Summer

So, it is still cold here in Ohio and I am daydreaming about summer more.   I decided to change my blog look and I think this Red White and Blue Fireworks design is awesome!  As a side note, I haven't been around or posting much lately because my husband and I are working on building a house.   Part of that includes getting our current house ready for sale and finishing up some projects and then making all the contacts and decisions for the new house so it's been VERY busy lately.  We're also trying to do this while taking very little vacation so that we can save our time off for when we move.   I love reading everyone's blog's and looking at your projects and I am going to try to keep uplading but, it's won't be as often.   Thank you all so much for your understanding and support!!!  NOw let's get to spring!


  1. I pray for summer all year LOL Since I left Florida I have been cold. It is not natural to have winter :0)

  2. I'm feeling you Angie! At least it is sunny here in PA today! I hope the sun is shining there too! I've been wondering where you've been! Good Luck with your projects and the new house! I'll keep watching for you! Have a great Sunday!

  3. I like the new blog layout--super cute!!! Congrats on the new house that is very exciting!!! Love you, Sis:)

  4. Love your new blog look and good luck on the new house...sounds like fun... I totally understand about being busy... :)