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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Under the Sea Centerpieces

Hello craft friends, hope you are all well today!   If you happened to see my under water creation yesterday on the Decorate to Celebrate challenge blog, you probably wondered why I didn't have the second picture posted on my blog.   Well, that was one of the 8 centerpeices that I made for the tables at my daughter's 4th BD party this past weekend.  

To make these centerpieces, I got 8 different large molded foam pieces from our return center (that I mentioned in yesterday's post) and I covered them with blue tissue paper.   The animals were all cut using my Cricut, two of each animal and then they were glued together with a floral pick taped in the center and google eyes added.  I poked each one down into the foam piece.   Once I had that done, I surrounded the foam with some blue cello and sea shells then I sprinkled brown sugar and swedish fish around to make it look like an ocean scene.   The little animals around each one are bean bags that I picked up for 3/$1 at a local discount store (from Target though).

In an effort to not make this post a massive one, I am going to list the different animals that I cut, the sizes and the cartridges and then a picture after.  Note that most of these cuts had to be moved around on Design Studio to make them at these sizes, sometimes hiding cuts.

This whale was cut from the B is for Boy cartridge at 14 1/2", I didn't cut his spout because I wanted him as big as I could get him.

Next is the Octopus from B is for Boy, cut at 11 3/4"

Then we have the Turtles from Life's a Beach, cut at 12 1/2" and two of them at 6 1/2" and some layers added

Next we have the dolphin from Life's a Beach cut at 12" and the Seahorse from Create a Critter cut at 14"
We also have two smaller dolphins cut at 6 1/4" and the jellyfish from Create a Critter cut at 13".   On the jellyfish, I cut the tenticles off and added some ribbon for the new tenticles.

And, we have the Lobster & Crab from the From my Kitchen cartridge, cut at 13" (this was one that you had to hide one animal to cut the other at that size. 

We also have this little whale from Create a Critter as well, cut at 11 1/2"

And last, we have the Octopus from Birthday Bash, cut at 11 1/2"
I have to admit that I was thrilled with the way these came out.   I think I spent $8 on the roll of cello, $3 on the tissue paper, $5 on the floral picks (and I have over half the package left over) and then $6 in bean bag animals.   I used the brown sugar and swedish fish for other parts of the party and got them both at Sam's so, I think total that was $10.  So, it was very cost effective and then I threw it all away afterwards except my animals and sea shells!


  1. What fun birthday decorations! And, wow! You did it all for $10!!!

  2. Oh my goodness Angie! They are fabulous!!!! What an awesome party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a fun under the sea party theme!

  4. What type of paper did you use and where did you purchase it