For the LOVE of PAPER!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Shower Rosette

Here you have my 2 FOOT Rosette for the Adding to the Nest baby shower theme.  I started with 10 pieces of 12x12 paper and border punched them with a Martha Stewart border punch of birds perched on branches.  When I was done with all 10 sheets, I scored each sheet at two inches and glued them together.
The brown layer was 10 more sheets of the bird3 cut from Ribbons and Rosette's at 6" and then scored each sheet and glued them together.   When I laid the brown on top of the off white, I decided not to bring all the sheets together in the middle.  I laid the brown on top of the off white and left only about two inches showing of the off white and then glued the brown on. 
The top layer is metallic vellum paper that I scored.   I added a large round circle to the top and then the words "Welcome to the Nest' cut at 6" from the Straight from the Nest cartridge, with the shadow.  NOTE: that you have to use the 12x24 mat to cut the phrase at this size.   The 'Baby' is the baby boy phrase from B is for Boy at 3".
Last, I added some feathers that I cut using Straight from the Nest in various sizes between 2 1/2" - 7".  Hope you all have loved this as much as I do.   It took some time but, it was sooo worth it!


  1. Wow! All your baby items look FABULOUS! Enjoy!

    Carson's Creations

  2. Holy cow, now that is a rosette! Terrific, Angie! The feathers are gorgeous.