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Friday, September 21, 2012

Carnival Centerpieces

These centerpieces were so simple to make.  I started with these square containers that I had used previously for my son's Lego Birthday party.  I inserted a piece of perfectly cut foam (I get this from the recycling at the return center for my work).   A tip when cutting foam, I find the easiest way is with a bread knife!
   I cut the pinwheels by hand.   To do that, you need double sided paper cut into a square (warning that anything over 9" gets too heavy).  I used some paper from Martha Stewart Crafts.   Measure from each point, half way to the center and cut only half way.   Then fold each point in.   I used some ATG tape to hold the points down and then a brad in the center.   Since these were centerpieces, I didn't make them 'moving' pinwheels. 

They were each held up by a skewer that I wrapped with pipe cleaners.  I added some other, twisted pipe cleaners into the centerpieces and some shredded paper.

I used the strips of paper that I had left over from cutting my pinwheel paper down to 8x8 or 9x9, to cut the #5 out for the sides of the red containers.   Since this was my daughter's 5th Birthday party.   

You may notice that we also used strips of tickets to lay out on the tables as decoration and filled the small green 'bucket' containers with whole peanuts, which were a huge hit!!

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