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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Carnival Signs - Games

Today I have all the carnival game signs!!  
For these carnival signs, I am just going to give the details under every one.  I used real raffle tickets and some curling ribbon to snazz them up and then put eyelets in the corner of each sign, to hang them.
All of the letters were cut at different sizes from the Country Life cartridge.

This duck was cut from Wall Decor and More at 3 1/2".   I cut it in blue because my ducks were pink and blue.  ;)

Tic Tac Toe was cut my hand except an 'O' from George and basic shapes.

Ping Pong Bounce (bouncing a ping pong ball into jars of water) was made using a 1 1/2" circle punch
The bottles for ball toss were cut from County Fair

more circles

The beanbags were cut into rectangles and then the corners trimmed like they were 'tied off'

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