For the LOVE of PAPER!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

CARS Reward Chart

So, my son recently started kindergarten and they have a system for moving their Popsicle stick when they've done something they shouldn't, and a reward system for not moving their stick. Since that system works for school, I decided I wanted to do a rewards chart for home as well. My son loves the movie CARS and so I decided to make the chart a race track. I cut 14 pieces of track at 3" each, 4 corners and 10 straight pieces. I glued strips of magnet to the back of each piece and he gets to add a road piece every day that he has a good home day. When he gets 14 pieces, he gets to pick something out at the store.

We were struggling to find a place to display the race track so that other little hands don't get to it and we decided on the back of the door that leads to our garage. I took a 15"x22" sheet of paper and cut it down to 12"x22" and then added two pieces of CARS ribbon that I got on clearance at Walmart a while back, and then two pieces of solid black ribbon to frame the sheet. I attached the sheet to the top of the door and the magnets hold nicely.

As a bonus for him, I made Lightning McQueen for him and added it in the center although it too is a magnet and can be moved. He loves it and wants all of the other CARS characters so, we decided that, for each week that he doesn't move his stick at school, the entire week, I will let him pick a character that he wants to add to his racetrack and I will make it. He's very excited about the concept of it all and loves adding pieces to the track, I definitely think it's incentive for him and I will post more pictures of the new characters as I fill in the space!


  1. He truly looks like a foam car that you would purchase from Wal-Mart or something...Great Job!!!

  2. Soooo cute thanks for sharing!!!