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Monday, May 14, 2012

Lego Party Extras

We're nearing the end of the Lego Party posts. This post is for the 'extras' that I put together for the party, NOT using the Cricut. This is the first thing that I made for the party.   I bought juice boxes and wrapped them in colored duct tape.   Two tips here.   #1, remove the straws before wrapping.  #2 use a strong hole punch to punch a hole in the duct tape that goes across the top of the juice box and line up the hole in the duck tape with the hole for the straw.
After you've wrapped the juice boxes, you can reattach the straws with some ATG tape and then use some foam pop dots to add paper circles on the front of them.   Now you have lego drinks!

  The idea of these paper cones also came from Pinterest.  They were black and white superhero cones.   These are color copies of the Lego instructions, filled with Cheetos.
I used my cupcake 'trees' to hold the cones.   As you can see, I hung plastic table covers on the walls and added the same color paper plates, to look like large legos.   I also wrapped many boxes an stacked them and added circles to the tops.

The food table included a white lego man border that was the backing for another project that I will show you tomorrow.   I just taped them in line to the table cover.   I also took some DUPLO lego blocks (the larger ones) and holders for the silverware and napkins.   One of the foods on the menu were sub sandwiches, that I displayed the cardboard tray (to the left) that I wrapped in solid blue wrapping paper and then covered with the 'lego' logos that I saved from my son's boxes of lego's that he got for Christmas and Easter.

As you can see, I hung some honeycomb balls form the ceiling and used more of the wrapped boxes for the table centerpieces and well as some wall sized legos'.  

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  1. These party favors are so creative and fun, I love them!