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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Drinks

I never got around to posting my Teacher Appreciation Gifts earlier in May but, I took in a 'gift' every day to my son's 1st Grade teacher.   This was on Tuesday, her favorite drink, Diet Coke.  I took it Tuesday since the carrier had room for 4 drinks....if she wanted to have one each day for the rest of the week.
The carrier is from Dairy Queen, which my husband is addicted to.   When we go, we usually go through the drive through and they give us these carriers so, I have been saving them.   This turned out to be perfect!  I used some school alphabet paper from the DCWV The Stack 6 to cover each side and the handle part of the top.  I cut the crayon from A Child's Year cartridge at 2 1/4" and wrote her name on it.   Then I cut a smaller one at 1 3/4" and stamped 'World's Greatest Teacher' on it, from a Stamps Happen stamp set.

I added a couple of other stamped items to it from the Stamps Happen set as well and then tied ribbon around the pop bottles to hold them in place.   NOTE:   Because these are heavy, I also used some tape to reinforce the bottom of the carrier and then I used glue dots to hold the bottles in place.  

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  1. This is so fun! Great way to recycle! I'm sure she loved this!